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What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as Intradermal Pigmentation, is a procedure similar to a tatoo, that is administration of a certain amount of pigment into outermost layers of the skin with a sterile needle. Modern techniques allow to perform such a procedure at a high degree of safety providing satisfactory results. Permanent makeup aims at fulfilling client’s wishes so that it brings out natural beauty and corrects imperfections. This procedure is a pursuit of perfection, it saves time and ensures great comfort. It provides us with self-confidence in every situation.

How long does the effect last?

The effect depends on the type of the skin. In most of the cases satisfactory results persist for 2-5 years. When the saturation diminishes, the procedure can be repeated.

Is it safe?

The pigments and all accessories used have necessary dermatological certificates of high quality, and are in accordance with legal and hygienic requirements.

7 reasons, which will help you to deciding to perform the procedure

  1. Permanent makeup is always perfect at every moment of day and night and provides a fresh look
  2. Emphasizes natural beauty and corrects imperfections
  3. Provides new and more ideal shape of the eyebrows
  4. Allows to condense and darken the eyebrows
  5. Makes our lips more full and sensual
  6. Allows to save significant amount of time, wasted for everyday makeup
  7. Provides with full control over ones look

Permanent makeup is a solution:

  • For people who are not keen to do makeup at all (regularly practicing sports, using sauna)
  • For women who don’t have the time to waste on everyday makeup
  • For women with vision deterioration when everyday makeup is a problem
  • For people with thin eyebrows or eyelashes or other imperfections of the eyebrows, eyes or lips
  • For everybody desiring a permanent change in one’s look

Purebeau method

Every procedure is preceded by a conversation with a Client. Together we tend to establish new shape, pigment colour and intensity depending on the type of the complexion. At first an anesthetic gel is applied on the site of the procedure which begins to have its effect in 5 minutes. Next I delicately draw contours, opening the outermost layer of the skin. Additional anesthetic is applied. At this stage I use the thinner needle number 1. Contours are now delicate and light. Next using permanent makeup machine I administer pigment in the outer layers of the skin, painting new hairs of the eyebrows or filling them compactly, eyelashes are pigmented at their base, I create contour of the lips or shadow them totally. At every stage of the procedure I take care of providing adequate level of anesthesia and most natural look.

Is it painful?

It depends on each person’s sensitivity to pain. Permanent makeup is a sort of an invasive procedure to the skin. Therefore, despite adequate anesthesia one may sense some unpleasant but bearable effects, like tingly sensation. Some people do not experience any sensations during procedure.

How fast does it heal?

On the 2-3 day after the procedure the epidermis begins to exfoliate. It is important to use special cosmetics for better care. On the 4-5 day the color begins to fade by 20 to 50% in comparison to the intensity right after the procedure. Therefore, one shouldn’t worry about the initial intensity of the makeup.


  • undiagnosed skin lesions
  • rosacea
  • diebetes
  • keloid formation tendency
  • psoriasis
  • haemophilia
  • vitilito
  • hypertension
  • high fever
  • anticoagulant or other drugs
  • lips augmentation or botox with 6 months before the procedure
  • active herpes
  • eye problems
  • psychiatric or neurological diseases
  • pregnancy
  • malignant neoplasms
  • AIDS
  • menstruation

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