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Eyelash extensions

I deal with cosmetics and accesories of the Secret Lashes Company.


Secret lashes allow to choose optimal length, thickness and shape, which fulfills individual expectations of my clients
I apply thin and natural lashes, as well as thick, providing theatrical, phenomenal effect.
Thickness: 0,15T, 0,20T
Length: 8-15 mm
Shape: J, C.

Ideal for everyday life, as well as, for carnival, New Year’s Eve party and other event!
Meeting client’s expectations I can apply colour eyelashes, and even luxurious lashes with Swarovski stones.

What is a 1:1 method?

Semi Permanent Eyelash extensions (1:1) are the newest revolutionary eyelash treatment which transforms your lashes into longer, thicker, curlier natural looking lashes.  1:1 lash extensions are applied with a strong lash glue to the lash only. Neither the extension lash or glue touches the eyelid. The bond is designed to last until the natural lash has finished its cycle and both the natural lash and extensions will fall out together.

Can everyone get eyelashes extension?

It is not recommendable for significantly impatient individuals, people with weak and short eyelashes. Certain eye disorders are also contraindications for eyelashes extension.

What can you achieve having your eyelashes extended?

  • Transform your lashes into longer, thicker, curlier lashes
  • Natural or Dramatic - Angel Beauty carries a wide range of lashes to suit your needs
  • Great for special occasions or just because you want to cut down on your make-up routine
  • Lasts up to 3 months with regular 2/3 week infills
  • No more clumping, smudging and hassle of mascara

After Care Advice

The first 24 hours

  • AVOID getting lashes wet as extensions and glue need to set
  • AVOID hot steam from the shower and sauna
  • AVOID touching, or brushing the lashes
  • AVOID using eye make-up

After 24 hours

  • AVOID the use of oil based make-up removers, cleansers or creams. (The oil in these products will lose the bonding adhesive) Use plain water or water-based cleansers, make-up removers or creams. Using a cotton bud will help to gently remove any eye make-up
  • Be GENTLE. AVOID picking, rubbing, touching your eyes excessively
  • REFRAIN from using heated curlers, lash perms, tinting lashes or normal mascaras
  • AVOID rubbing your eyes, sleeping on the lashes, or facing the shower head when in the shower
  • DO NOT attempt to remove the extensions. Removal should be done by a qualified lash technician. DO NOT pull on loose lashes as this may cause lash loss and may cause damage to your natural lash.
  • BRUSH your lashes with the brush provided by the Lash Extension Artist. It is not necessary to brush them every day only as and when needed to prolong the lash extensions.

Is an infill necessary?

  • Yes. Within a few weeks you will notice a slight loss in lashes. This is the natural part of the lash cycle. An infill is advised in 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Will your natural lashes get harmed or damaged by the extensions?
  • The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your own lashes. They do not if they are applied correctly and properly. They are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Rubbing the eyes or tugging or pulling at the extensions can cause lash loss and even damage your natural lashes.
  • How long is the application?
  • A full set of lash extensions will take approximately 2 hours

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